KEB-EGE s.r.o. was founded in August 1991 as a joint venture between the Czech company, EGE - České Budějovice, and the German company, KEB, based in Ingolstadt. Since 2002, the company has belonged exclusively to the Czech owners.

We mainly deal with the manufacture and assembly of roller and plate brake testers, axle testing equipment and other products related to motor vehicle diagnostics. Among our main customers are Snap-On (Cartec), Bosch (Beissbarth) and others.

The production of steel structures is also a significant part of our operations. We produce custom-made atypical steel structures, parts of technological units and building structures according to a customer’s requirements. Our biggest customers in this field include Scheuch, Cenotech and others.

At the time of the construction of telecommunication networks, our company was among the major suppliers of base stations, cooperating with companies such as Siemens, Nokia, Nortel, Ericsson and others. Between 2004 and 2010 we also produced and reconstructed superstructures for trucks and utility vehicles, in particular for fire trucks for both professional and voluntary fire brigades all over the Czech Republic, or for the police of the Czech Republic.

At present, we also supply equipment for 4D cinemas to the company Kraftwerk Living Technologies in Austria.


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